You can easily enter the world of Crypto currencies using the Ontology Ledger Nano s stage (Ontology Ledger Nano s). This endeavor is extremely optimistic, and in the future, it can be quite powerful for different endeavors that belong to Blockchain. You’ve got to understand precisely how to use this particular option, and Ledger Wallet (Ledger지갑Owallet) you’ll get fantastic outcomes.

Currently, one of the most popular and Complete wallets is ontology and is able to accept wallets such as Ledger Nano S Token Ont (Ledger Nano S토큰Ont) along with trezor. What you should know is it to make a secure administration by this means, you must execute combination between Ledger and Owallet.

So you know how to do it, on this website
To utilize a ledger, you should connect it into the Computer during the original ledger USB cable. To unlock it, then you have to enter your PIN and open ledger. After you load on the Ledger program, then you must open Owallet and click the start buttonagain. An choice to place the file path may appear, and you also must pick the escape key to close down the message.

Then You Need to continue with all the following steps. You will notice that the ledger connection, and you also need to continue, and then you must set the name of your ledger wallet. To finish the configuration, you are able to choose exactly the”crypto coin” option and click the connect option.

From having your wallet prepared to useyou can Enjoy many options and safely. Your ONT portfolio is going to be prepared to be managed thanks to this particular tutorial you will follow along through these pages. Thanks for the option, companies can create their block chain administrations, observe along with step by step of the tutorial, and that’s it.
From now on, you can Control your bets without Any hassle.